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Feijen Tata Steel

Big steps forward

Tata Steel recently took major steps with preparing the installation of their cut to length line 10. Due to the groundwater levels, divers had to install underwater concrete first. After that had been done, they started to place the steel fixers for the further concrete fundaments. And finished the working floor with pouring the concrete.

With their new cut to length line they will be making big steps forward by connecting and adopting to the demanding changes in the market. Feijen will not only be able to produce more volume, but will also be able to process to the full extent the latest Tata Steel high strength steels (e.g. Valast grades, Ympress S900MC, Ympress S960MC and Ympress S1100MC).

The capabilities of our new decoil line will be:
· Able to decoil up to a yield strength of 1600 N/mm2
· Able to decoil up to a tensile strength of 1870N/mm2
· Up to a length of 16000mm
· Up to a width of 2150mm

In combination with our new packaging line we are more than ready for the future.

A beautiful project, in which Volantis is responsible for the total structural engineering package. Proud to be onboard.

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Roy Schippers
Technisch commercieel manager